Ambrosio Bikes Update

Ambrosio Bikes Update


Ambrosio are well know for their Rims and Wheels around the world, their quality and beauty make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. With Italian heritage they are constantly evolving to be the best. Nemesis, Evolution, Excursion, Balance are just some of the top rims they have made and combined with the Ambrosio zenith hub, a formidable wheel is born…

Aside from being recognised as the top provider of rims and hubs in the cycling industry, Ambrosio has also trained its eye on the wider market. Deciding to venture into other cycling products such as frames, forks, bars, chainsets, cassettes and other biking accessories. The main aim for Ambrosio was to ensure that the high quality image that Ambrosio has is also installed on the new range of products. This rule has ensured that all of the new Ambrosio products will be designed and manufactured with the same Italian quality.

This website aswell as are informational tools for consumers to learn about the products, however an eCommerce website for all Ambrosio products is currently under development.

Have fun browsing the site!

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