Hub Disassembly Guide (Ambrosio Zenith)

Hub Disassembly Guide (Ambrosio Zenith)

Our Ambrosio Zenith Hubs are lightweight alloy hubs with four sealed bearings, ultra smooth and silent with interchangeable Campagnolo or Shimano freehub body.

Available in polished silver or black anodised finish.

Drillings: 28h, 32h and, 36h.

Taking apart  a bicycle hub can seem a very daunting and risky task, even to an established rider. However this step-by-step guide could be your saviour, if you are struggling to disassemble your Ambrosio Zenith hub then simply follow this guide.

We have broken the process down into 9 manageable chunks with pictures and descriptions, with the aim of giving cyclists the skills to be able to disassemble their own hub, without having to spend a fortune at a shop!

Just Click on the link below to see the PDF

Disassembly Guide (Zenith Hubs)

Below is the design/drawing of our Zenith Hubs that may help you visualise and better understand what you are doing.

Ambrosio Zenith

We hope this guide has been helpful and if you would like another guide about any of our products just leave a comment below!

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