The technology and engineering we put into our rims is unrivalled.


The aluminium wheels marked with this symbol have grounded braking sides to ensure a perfect and modular braking.

This working process allows a tolerance on the parallelism lower than 0,02mm.


Wear indicator.

The wheels marked with this symbol have a dug-out track in the braking sides (in form of line or point) for the visual detection wear of the rim.

Full Carbon

Some top range road wheels are produced with full-carbon technology. For the rim working are used up to 14 types of carbon rolling skins, that differs from each others in cutting, carbon type and fibres orientation.

Great attention is put on the thickness distribution in order to optimize the rim weight/stiffness ratio and to ensure the maximum strength in the points of greatest load (for example, the nipples area). The use of pre-impregnated fibres (pre-peg) and resin at high vitrification temperature (Tg) allows to the worked rims to better withstand the high temperatures, as it happens in case of prolonged braking and long descents, avoiding the braking surface wear and tear.


This is a special and patented component that allows to balance the rim and have a perfectly balanced wheel.

Kit Easy Tubeless

This kit permits to convert standard mountain bike wheels into a tubeless system.

The set consists of: no.2 Presta valves with ring, no.2 Al-Ox bushings with sealing ring, no.2 black Butyle bases, no.2 black PPL rigid flaps, no.1 tire sealant bottle, no.1 reinforced adhesive roll, no.1 key for valve.

On request, the kit is sold already mounted on the wheel.


The Hybrid working technology, used in the road wheels production, integrates the carbon fibre and the aluminium at structural level. The aluminium, with 0.65mm thickness, is reinforced using 3 different layers of unidirectional and woven carbon fibre.

The result is an hybrid product that combines the advantages of both materials, so different but perfectly joined: strength, stiffness, absorption capability and above all lightness.

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