Hub Assembly Guide

STEP1 Thread back sealed bearing on the left side of axle.
STEP2 Thread back sealed bearing with axle back into right side of hub shell (The side of cassette body).
STEP3 Engage the bearing straight into the hub shell and push it down with a ratchet socket wrench. A Dowel, that has an outside diameter to the outer ring bearing, can replace the tool.
STEP4 Use a mallet and a ratchet socket wrench, tap the scaled bearing into Place.
STEP5 When the sealed bearing is in place, it should be flush with the hub shell.
STEP6 Thread back axle (Right side of axle insert through left side of hub shell).
STEP7 Push the sealed bearing down into the left side of the hub shell, hen as in STEP4 . 5 tap the sealed bearing into place.
STEP 8Both sealed bearings should be flush with the hub shell and spinning freely.*If they do not spin freely, make sure that both bearing are flush with Hub Shell.
STEP9 Put a dab of grease on both threads of the axle.
STEP10Put a dab of grease on pawls and inside of cassette body (About 1 cc).
STEP11Thread back the spacer on the axle.
STEP12Put water resistant seal back on the bowl of hub shell.*Note that the bowl of water resistant seal is up.
STEP13Thread back cassette body on the axle to the hub shell.*Note that the water resistant seal must be compacted.
STEP14Hold the left side of the axle and tighten the stop nut clockwise and inward.
STEP15Hold the right side of the axle and tighten the alloy end cap clockwise and  inward.
STEP16Place two 17mm wrenches on the alloy side cap and the stop nut, then turn clockwise for assembly.
STEP17Thread back the seal on the axle. Using a paperclip push clockwise the inside of seal in the bowl of stop nut.

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