Ambrosio Guido

A tried and tested sizing and geometry that cannot be surpassed by any other frame in its class.  From the triple butted main tubes to the high modulus rear wishbone seat stay its design and combination of materials offer an unparalleled ride quality.

Frame: 1.56kg (55cm)
Fork: 0.629kg

Total combined weight: 2.189kg 

Guido frame

Ambrosio Celcius

The Celcius MK4 offers a perfect combination of lightness, stiffness and comfort whether you like to ride long distance Sportive events or are a grass roots competitive cyclist.  Our technicians have given a great deal of attention to details to ensure that every pedal stroke transfers into forward motion with no loss of power, added to which, this unique frame design allows a greater level of comfort and stability.


Frame: 1.297kg (Size: 55cm)
Fork: 0.414kg
Total combined weight: 1.711kg

Celcius Frame

Ambrosio Chrono TT

When aerodynamics come into play it is also very important that no power is lost due to the extremes of the rider’s time trial riding position.  The Ambrosio Chrono TT frame has a very well studied geometry and sizing to do the job perfectly and allow the competitor, whether he or she is time trialist or triathlete, to ride in a well positioned aerodynamic tuck with no discomfort.  The carbon 12k weave fabrication of the main fuselage is also laid out in such a way that no lateral stiffness is lost and full power maintained.


Frame: 1.623kg (Size: M)
Fork: 0.442kg
Seat post: 0.263kg
Total combined weight: 2.328kg

Chrono TT

Ambrosio Pista Track

MODEL:Track TR-7001 DB
*AL-7005 DOUBLE BUTTED tube , Smooth welding(polish welding type)
*Dropout with stainless plate (2 PCS)-as photo
*Finish: Painted White YS-701 ,with “PISTA” decal
*Asymmetric head tube 1 1/8″-1 1/2″,seat post:31.6 MM


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